• At Change Clinic we offer two very important types of service: Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology. Our treatment team is made up of Clinical and Health Psychologists who are specifically trained to offer these services.

    Our Clinical Psychology service focuses on:

    • helping people who are suffering mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, and personality disorders.
    • helping people who are experiencing relationship difficulties, including couple/marital conflict, family conflict, problems in parenting, and managing elder parent care.
    • helping people who are experiencing distress/dysfunction in response to the demands of everyday life such as problems in maintaining a satisfying work-life balance
    • Our Clinical Psychology team also offers executive coaching, therapy for addictions, and healthy lifestyle behaviour change counselling.

    Our Health Psychology service focuses on:

    • helping patients cope with the diagnosis, prognosis, medical treatment, and side-effects of a serious or chronic and illness.
    • helping caregivers cope with the stress, complicated emotions, and practical burdens of caring for a loved-one who is ill.
    • helping families adjust and adapt to having a family member who suffers from a serious or chronic illness
    • Our Health Psychology team also offers counselling on medical treatment decision-making, life-style behaviour change for high risk behaviour, and grief/bereavement counselling.